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Still Trying to Manifest Your Dreams?
You make your goals and dreams from a place within what's already known – from what you've already personally experienced and from what you notice and take in from your surrounding world. The fruition of your dreams, however, exists in the unknown, outside of what you've already experienced. Humans are active beings. Vision boards and meditation are insufficient because they are static. In order to achieve what's in the unknown, you must be willing to actively step into it … frequently for insights, glimpses, and clues and bring them back to the known, the place of action for implementation.
In this transformational workshop you will discover, step by step, how to:
Discover YOUR Dream
Free Yourself From the Known
Step Into the Unknown
Create an Actionable Plan
Actively Critique Your Plan
Let Your Dream Take Flight
Included in this Powerful, Practical Tensegrity® and Theatre of Infinity® Workshop Event
Pre-event personal assessment to assist you in getting the most from this experience
Comprehensive Workbook for use at the workshop and as a guide for when you return home
NEW Tensegrity® Magical Passes®, exercises and progressions designed to assist you in seeing YOUR Core Dream and BRING IT BACK here so that you can manifest it
An actionable plan … a roadmap for you to follow to integrate into your life and bring those dreams to reality
Optional: A One Day Tour Experience to the Berlin Adlershof … Immerse Yourself in a City of Dreamers
Discover the magic of Berlin Adlershof Science City: founded in 1754, the birthplace of German aviation, and site for research, film and television and one of the most successful high-technology locations in Germany. Over 1,000 businesses and a rich history of dreamers and innovators are drawn to the synergistic energy created when different dreams are united.
As Carlos Castaneda advised, our task is to make the known the unknown and in stepping into someone else's dream, this is immediately accomplished. As he wrote in his book, The Wheel of Time: "A warrior must love this world," don Juan had warned me, "in order for this world that seems so commonplace to open up and show its wonders."
Optional: Eagle's Circle — Intimate, POWERFUL, action-oriented seers peer group salon for those who are committed to using this work to better their lives and the lives of others.
Direct apprentices of Carlos Castaneda and select practitioners who have demonstrated success in bringing their dreams to fruition, will coach you in an interactive event to engage you in the practical art of manifesting what you TRULY want in life.
Learn from their experiences. Share your dream and receive direct personal coaching. Be an active part with the few who are walking the talk. If you are finally ready to manifest your dreams … the Eagle's Circle is a MUST attend event. [Seating is Limited]
Ich bin Certified Tensegrity® Facilitator Level II.
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